WP 200 In-Bottle Pasteurizer

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This item: WP 200 In-Bottle Pasteurizer
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The WP200 is a perfect solution for the small-sized beer or cider producers. The WP200 is a water bath-based pasteurizer that uses an electrically heated water system to the heating of filled and closed bottles to the desired pasteurization temperature. Pasteurizing capacity up to 200pcs of 1-litre bottles per hour (two batches per 100 bottles). Real capacity depends on the bottles shape and their volume.

The WP200 pasteurizer is an ideal solution for pasteurizing of cold-filled bottles. It has a capacity of 200 litres (approximately 100pcs x 1-litre bottles per batch or greater capacity for smaller bottles). The machine includes a manually controlled electronic pasteurization system. The bottles are manually placed into the steel box, and then they are dived in the hot water bath. You can set the desired pasteurization temperature. Then bottles are moved out of the bath to be cooled down (slowly in the air or quickly in cold water). A vat for cold water is not included in the system.

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The set includes :

  • Pasteurizer – one heated bath (1x 200 litres)
  • 4pcs of the steel submersible boxes for bottles


Optional equipment :

  • Steel tables for temporary putting and easy handling with the boxes (500 AUD / pc)
  • Additional steel submersible boxes for bottles (650 AUD / pc)




Stainless steel construction made of AISI 304

Dimensions (mm) length … 1350 mm
width …. 650 mm
height  … 900 mm
Capacity up to 200 one litre bottles per hour (two batches per 100 bottles 1L)
Electrical supply 400V/32A/9kW  three phases 50 Hz / IP65 protection
Heating Power  12 kW
Weight 130 kg


Dimensions of the steel submersible box for bottles :

PBA-200MG Dimensions of the steel box for bottles

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 135 × 65 × 90 cm

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