500L Whisky Distillery with SS Pot

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This item: 500L Whisky Distillery with SS Pot

Bevo Tech designed this model Whisky Distillery system for easy and quality distillation that comes with electric heating.
All models  are powered depending on our customer individual requirements either:
– electricity with 36kW/h, 4 heaters, 9kW each,
– gas with approximately 25-110 kW capacity gas burners; LPG or natural gas,
– steam heating via a steam generator.
– we can also manufacture combinations of heating.


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Working capacity pot: 500L.

Full SS Pot.

SS Steam jacketed and insulated with 219mm handhole with DN51 outlet and valve with a top agitator (explosion-proof CE approved motor).

Motor Power: 0.75KW / 60rpm.

Copper Cu12200 Gooseneck, 3mm thickness.

Copper Distillation Column 300mm, 4 plates copper distillation, each plate has CIP ball and drain valves.

SS Dephlegmator on the top of column 300mm

SS Condenser 300mm

2x SS Tube Legs

SS parrot outlet

Come with a CIP Cleaning Pump and all necessary SS CIP cleaning piping lines etc.

Steam requirement: 50Kg/Hr.

Production time: 4 hours.

Max alcohol reached to 85%/ 170 Proof.

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