RV Helicoidal Impeller Pump

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RV Helicoidal Impeller Pump
This item: RV Helicoidal Impeller Pump

The RV centrifugal pump with helicoidal impeller is the best solution for the transfer of liquids with solid particles or medium viscosity products that cannot be pumped with an ordinary centrifugal pump. Due to the helicoidal shape of the impeller, the transfer of the product is gentle and without clogging., e.g. solid particles suspended in water (proportion: 40% to 60%). It is ideal for applications of the transfer of pieces of fruit or whole fruits, olives, mushrooms, slices of orange, vegetables, fish, etc.

RV Helicoidal Impeller Pump RV pumps are widely used in wineries for the pump-over process where the high capacity and minimum destruction of the solid parts (seeds, skins, etc.) is required. The design of the pump contributes to a better extraction of tannin, the coloring matter of wine, in the phase of vinification, reducing the lees formation and, as the result, achieving high quality wines.

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Operating principle

RV Helicoidal Impeller Pump

Due to the helicoidal shape of the impeller and to the flow optimised to avoid the obstruction of  the pump, solid particles pass through the pump without being damaged.

Design and features

Close-coupled design.
Helicoidal impeller.
Pump casing with drain port.
Pump casing with volute.
High efficiency (>70%), low power consumption.
Motor: IEC B35, 1500 rpm, IE2.
Mechanical seal: EN 12756 (DIN 24960 L1K).
Connections: DIN 11851.
Maximum particle size: ø 75mm.


Parts in contact with the product: AISI 316L
Lantern: AISI 316L
Other St.St. parts: AISI 304
Gaskets: EPDM
Mechanical seal: SiC/SiC/EPDM
Internal surface finish: bright polish
External surface finish: matte


Connections: SMS, Clamp, Macon, Garolla, FIL, RJT, DIN flanges, etc.
CE control panel with 10 m cable and plug.
St.St. trolley.
Remote control.
Motor shroud and adjustable legs.
Motor with a frequency converter.

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