Mobile Cap Sealing Machine

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This item: Mobile Cap Sealing Machine

Ecocap® is an aluminium cap that is heat-sealed to the can, without using glue, before its packaging. The cap and the can are made of the same material, ensuring a perfect seal and excellent protection.

Ecocap® is made of printable aluminium and can be customised in an impactful way to communicate the image and added value of the drink while protecting its hygiene.

More Protection

Ecocap® protects the cans as soon as they are filled, preserving can, product, consumer and producer from contamination in the distribution and storage phases.

Flexible, complete, and patent-protected

The full system consists of an automatic machine that applies a heat-sealed aluminium Ecocap® cap to the upper part of the can. The machine adapts to any layout and works with cans of any size. Both the cap and the machine have been tested and are protected by international patents.

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Ecocap’s, the unique and patented system to protect and give visibility to your cans.

  • Suitable for every type of can
  • Compatible with PakTech, Hi-Cone and other packaging solutions
  • Uses 100% customizable 100% recyclable caps.

A machine developed for tests and events

  • Semiautomatic
  • User friendly
  • Can be plugged into a domestic power outlet

Light and compact

  • Weight: 60kg
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH): 250 x 665 x 950 mm

A complete solution

  • On-site training
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Ecocap’s caps supply
More Hygiene with Ecocap's

Better Hygiene

A can’s second skin

Ecocap® is much more than a simple cap. It’s a second skin made of aluminium that seals the entire surface of the can on its opening side.

No more moulds and bacteria

Ecocap® prevents humidity between the protection cap and the can. This way, it stops the formation of moulds and proliferation of bacteria.

The cans are dried before being sealed, thereby preventing humidity and any form of contamination.

The hygiene and safety of the product are ensured from the moment it leaves the warehouse to when the end-user drinks it—a guarantee for both consumers and the manufacturer.


Ecocap's - An added media

A new marketing tool

The upper part of the cans becomes a means of communication, and a marketing or co-marketing tool.

This way, the can not only shows the features of a product but even becomes a perfect means to communicate events and special occasions in a targeted and differentiated way with the market, the distribution chain, and customers.


Ecocoap's - New space for your promotions

New space for your promotions

Ecocap® can be backprinted on the internal side, thereby becoming the ideal way to convey promotional messages directly on the can.

A brilliant communication tool not only for initiatives targeting different markets and supply chains but also for “instant win” promotions.

Ecocap's - Water and Heat Resistant

Water and heat resistant

Ecocap’s protection undergoes water immersion and heat resistance (up to 60 °C) tests.

Ecocap® allows cans to be refrigerated in water and ice and distributed in hot and cold drinks vending machines.

Ecocap's - 100% Recyclable

100% recyclable

Ecocap® is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, ensuring an extremely low environmental impact.

It is easy to recycle: the Ecocap® cap is made of aluminium and, together with the can, forms a single-material pack that can be recycled an infinite number of times.


Ecocap's - cans stand out

Can stand out

Ecocap® is an excellent promotional tool, which will make your product immediately recognisable from above.

Ecocap® is made of printable aluminium and can be customised in an impactful way to communicate the image and added value of the drink.


Full protection for a production site to the consumer

The cans are protected from when they exit the production site until they reach the consumer so that they can be easily moved, stored and sold with no particular precautions.

High productivity, high efficiency

The machines are characterized by the small size and high efficiency, so that they can be integrated into all the production lines, with no restrictions.

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