Euro B-800 Semi-Automatic Rotational Bottle Filling Machine

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This item: Euro B-800 Semi-Automatic Rotational Bottle Filling Machine

Hourly output: 200-800 BPH (depending on which carousel speed of rotation is set)

For beverage products :

  • non-carbonated beverages (juice, lemonades, water, wine)
  • carbonated beverages (beer, sparkling wine, cider, soft drinks, carbonated water)

For bottles :

  • Glass bottles (variable settings of the height and diameter)
  • PET bottles (variable settings of the height and diameter) optional accessory is needed

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RBF-1200 Rotational bottle filling machine 1200 bph

  • The B-800 rotational filling machine is suitable for the isobaric filling of beer, cider, sparkling wines, champagne, carbonated drinks, mineral water, but non-carbonated beverages as well, into glass bottles (or PET bottles with optional accessory).
  • 12 bottle positions on the rotatable carousel
  • The set speed of rotation of the carousel forces the operator to keep to the set hourly filling capacity.
  • This is a very sturdy and simple for use machine made to filling beverages under pressure into bottles.
  • The machine is equipped with a special system to avoid foam during the filling process.
  • It is possible to fill glass bottles with volume from 200 ccm up to 2 litres, and also PET bottles using the additional accessory.
  • The changing of different sizes of bottles can be and rapidly performed by the lifting of the steel plates under bottles, which is hooked to a toothed rod.
  • The operations of loading and unloading of the bottles are manually performed by the operator, while all the filling phases are automatic during the rotation.
  • The machine can be equipped with a system for the pre-evacuation of air from the bottles, constituted by a vacuum pump with a liquid ring, that allows removing the air from the bottles before the filling. This operation is particularly recommended for those beverage products that can suffer taste changes due to the oxidation or to the possible presence of polluting agents in the air contained in the bottles to fill.
  • The machine is supplied with a frequency inverter to set the optimal hourly production capacity depending on the size of the bottle, the work pressure and operator experiences.
  • If a bottle breaks, the flow of the product and pressure stops immediately.
  • Special anti-burst guards made of stainless steel are placed between the bottles to give full protection to the human operator.
  • The central shaft for the movement the carousel of the machine is mounted on special roller bearings immersed in an oil bath in a waterproof box.
  • The main central movable mechanism and all the parts coming in contact with the beverage product, are made in stainless steel AISI 304. The base is made in enamelled steel, and the transport mechanism for bottles and the toothed rod is made of chromed brass.
  • Optionally, on request, this machine can be supplied in 100% stainless steel (Call for our special offer)
  • Follows CE regulations

Parameters :

  • Output capacity: 200 up to 800 bottles per hour depending on which carousel speed of rotation is set
  • Carousel capacity: 12 positions for bottles
  • Bottle specs : Max diameter 120mm – Max height 350mm
  • Power connection : Single phase 230V / 50Hz (optionaly 3ph 400V / 50Hz)
  • Current protection: 20 Amp.
  • Electrical protection : IP 55
  • Pipe connections: NW 25 DIN 11851 “Dairy Coupling.”
  • Dimensions: 2250 x 1000 x 2500 mm (l x w x h)
  • Weight : 650 kg

Optional equipment :

Equipment for filling PET bottles (special head for each filling valve):  $400 / pc
Equipment for pre-evacuation the bottles: $6,100
Electric panel certificated by UL/CSA regulation: $5,950

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 50 × 110 × 199 cm

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