Dry Hop Gun

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Dry Hop Gun extracts aromatic active substances from hops into cold beer (dry hopping) – an infusion of hop extracts to a finalized cold beer after finalizing the beer fermentation process. This equipment is used to produce strongly bitter beer types, such as IPA (India Pale Ale). The capacity of the hop tank is 25 liters.

A cylindrical vessel on three legs with wheels. It is used to dissolve granulated hops in the finished beer. It does not increase the bitterness of beer, and it supports the special aroma of hops. Effective extraction of hops, a united and definable beer aroma, reduces the consumption of hops. This equipment is simply used, and It can be easily integrated into the existing fermentation and filling.

Hop Gun is For beer circulation to extract beautiful aroma, sanitary construction and designed in 304 stainless steel. Includes piping manifold, valves, PRV, and fitting.

This equipment is used to produce strongly bitter beer types, such as IPA (India Pale Ale).


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– Working Volume:75L
– Total Volume:100L
– Material: Stainless Steel 304
– InsideFinish: 2B
– OutsideFinish:#4
– Picked and Passivated Surface and Seam
– Internal & Exterior Welds, Grounded and Polished to #4
– Application: 3-10kg
– Mounted on Movable Skid
– Tank Body Wobble Design

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