500L Micro Distillery with Copper Plates

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This item: 500L Micro Distillery with Copper Plates

Bevo Tech Micro Distillery system. a no-brainer choice for start-up and small distillery businesses in Australia. Design with German technology & traditional distillation equipment. The craft distillery market is growing 35% each year. This system will give you a feeling of distilling commercially without investing a fortune. With high-quality materials and quick ROI!

Configuration: 300-500L pot boiler, 4-12 plates glass 4″ column,ss dephlegmator, ss condenser, ss parrot, 4x 8KW heating element + control box.




Working capacity: 30L-200L
Total Volume: working capacity*130%-150%
Voltage: 200V-240V/380-440V/600V
Weight: 25kg-60kg
Material: SS304/SS316L
Welding Technolog: High purity argon arc welding
Heating Method: Electric
Heating form: Direct or indirect heating
Distillation method: Liquid distillation by default, custom solid distillation can be customized
Running time: 2-8h, Customizable continuous distillation
Shape: Upper and lower heads/Customizable
Distilled products: Gin/Whisky/Vodka/Brandy/Tequila/Rum/Bourbon
Optional module: 1.Cooling water recycling system
2.Light system
3.Alcohol storage tank system(Head/Heart/Tail)

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30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L

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