200-1000L Distillery System

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This item: 200-1000L Distillery System

Bevo Tech delivers to you a full Distillery System with German technology traditional distillation equipment.

Good sealing reduces waste, increase the yield (5%-10%) and improve quality.

Suitable to make whisky, rum, brandy, tequila etc.

The material of our distillery system is thicker than stills offered by many other companies. We use C12200 red copper as our copper material. It is a special material for pressure vessels and contains 99.9% pure copper, which makes good performance on heat treatment.

Less waste and save labour cost with easy operation.

The material can be grains, fruits, molasses, low content alcohol.

The equipment is made of stainless steel and copper, with a beautiful appearance and high sanitary level.

Save floor space and greatly improve the hygiene of the entire distillation site for you.


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Main Features:

Pot: 200-1000L working capacity; Copper CU12200 dished top.

SS304 Steam jacketed and insulated.

219mm handhole with DN51 outlet and valve.

Copper Cu12200 Gooseneck

350mm Copper Distillation Column, 9 plates copper distillation, 3mm thickness, each plate has drain valves.

350mm SS Dephlegmator on the top of the column

SS Storage Tank Column Support, 3mm thickness

350mm SS Condenser

SS parrot outlet

SS Frame Condenser Support

Steam requirement: 100Kg/Hr

Production time: 4 hours

Max alcohol reached to 85%/ 170 Proof.

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