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When purchasing beverage production equipment from overseas manufacturers, one of the biggest hurdles to you securing your investment, is getting it home safely, on time and for a decent price. The team at EES Shipping are industry experts in shipping and logistics and will have your investment on home soil no matter where in the world you bought it. Bevo Tech is proud to work with EES Shipping to handle all our shipping requirements from around the globe and our partnership ensures our ability to be a true door to door service for all our clients, regardless of where they are based. With over 40 years’ experience and being a family-owned and operated business based right here in Western Australia, Bevo Tech couldn’t imagine a more reliable partner.

Air Freight

The fastest way to get goods from A to B is in the air. EES Shipping offers a range of air freight services for any request. With knowledge and experience of international regulations and protocols, they’re well placed to deliver on all your requests.

For more information on EES Shipping air freight services, including import/export, airfreight movements and origin logistics, visit their website.

EES Shipping
EES Shipping

Customs Brokerage

Customs requirements differ all around the world. Navigating the ins-and-outs of requirements to clear customs, taxes, licensing, duties and quarantine periods, is something that most of us would struggle to comprehend. The team at EES Shipping have fully registered customs brokers that are fully qualified to deal with any hurdles your goods might run into.


Visit their website for more information.

Import and Export​

Keeping supply chains open and moving is EES Shipping’s bread and butter, specialising in import and export services. Developing consistent and trustworthy logistical solutions is a key factor for may businesses and is why Bevo Tech trusts EES Shipping.

For more information on EES Shipping’s international logistics, supply chain management and organisational development services, get in touch today.

EES Shipping
EES Shipping

Sea Freight​

For thousands of years, nations, merchants and entrepreneurs have trusted their goods on the sea lanes. Today, sea freight is still one of the most reliable and cost-effective solutions to moving goods over long distances. EES shipping has a comprehensive knowledge of international routes and has an established network of contacts and associates worldwide.

Specializing in import/export, full container movements and less than container movements, whether refrigerated, breakbulk or project cargo, EES can handle it all.

Transport and Warehousing

Ensure your cargo is stored safely and in good condition no matter where in the world, it is stopping with EES Warehousing solutions. EES Shipping work closely with ports and private companies worldwide to ensure your goods are stored per your requirements. Also, sleep easy, knowing that EES only use reputable, trusted transport solutions the world over.

EES Shipping

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